Work Is Good For You.

Work Is Good For You.

Work is good for you .

If we don’t place premium on work , nothing would work.

Work is how we make contribution in this world .

If you like , dream all the dream but without working it , you won’t create anything worthwhile .

This is a generation of “ I claim it “ “ I receive it “ but it is quite funny , claiming it and receiving it without working for it is like chasing a shadow .

Wealth is not a wishful thinking but a workable system .

If you see a wealthy man that is really wealthy in the real sense of it , a lot of work have gone into it. You won’t just work smart , you would work hard and work long.

The rule has not changed and it won’t change anytime soon:

You only become rich by becoming a producer or a plunderer .

#Producer . Income is the harvest of production.

#Plunderer. You want effect without process.

Producing is lasting but plundering is fleeting .

The generation that claims other people’s cars or assets by laying hands on it is not ready to build anything that Would last.

Work is sane .

Wealth is a process not a short cut.

You must love work and the discipline that comes with it if you want to be successful.

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