What are 3 things that real estate agents would prefer that you didn’t know?

Plenty of things.

  1. You don’t need to hire a real estate agent to sell your PROPERTIES.
  2. You can avoid a commission if you bring your own buyer
    Before you sign with the agent, disclose in writing any legitimate potential buyers YOU BRING OR who’ve already expressed interest. If a disclosed buyer decides to complete the purchase, you don’t have to go through the broker — or pay the broker’s commission.
  3. The commission is almost always negotiable
  4. Small agencies can be just as good as big one

Big real estate agencies have brand recognition and substantial marketing budgets, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best or only option.

  1. Even brand new houses are not perfect.
  2. Sometimes the house you’re looking for doesn’t exist in your budget and area that you’re looking in. Sometimes people are looking for something that doesn’t reasonably exist in their budget, and you could really need to adjust what you’re looking for.

7. There are no questions too big, or too small. Please ask any questions. Don’t feel like you’re going to be embarrassed for asking a question!

  1. There is still work that you need to do on your own. Please take the time to do research on your own . You might think a particular neighborhood is more dangerous than another person sees the same place, so you have to take the initiative to see what your preferences are
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