Don’t blame the system– beat the system

Don’t blame the system– beat the system

Too many people blame the system for where they are in life,

they blame the government, they blame the schooling system,

they blame their parent,

 they blame their boss

 they blame an event or something that happens in the past,

they blame everyone but themselves

They blame everything, but their own choices Somehow

they are responsible for their wins everyone else is responsible for their losses If this is you,

you must change your mind set immediately if you want a better quality in life If you want a better result in your life

Don’t blame the system, beat the system

Most people would agreed the education system needs to be fixed

But feel there is a great difference in results and achievement from even within the same schools

Most people aren’t where they want to be But there are some people who have exceeded their potential and exceeded all expectations

Same schools, different results one uses the system as an excuse,

One succeeds despite it

It is not the education in school that determines our destiny it is the education in life

It’s the self education and self awareness that happens afterschool

Life doesn’t end after school, And nor should your desire to learn and grow more

Don’t blame the system, beat the system

Most of us have parents who while wanting only the best for us

Don’t truly understand the path we want to follow

Some blame their parents for holding them back

Some push on and succeed regardless

Don’t blame the system, beat the system

The most negativity and finger pointing is to do with the government

So many people blame the government for their problems,

blame the government for their wages,

blame the government for holding them back

blame the government for everything that is wrong with their life

But there are small amount of people

Let call them the minority

Who ignore the government and focus on improving themselves What a concept!

Don’t blame the system beat the system

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The better you become the better your results

It is not anyone else’s faults where you are in life you are the one who decides what to do with your life regardless of what happens

As the quote goes Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how you react to what happens

Rather than complaining  Learn and grown Rather than focus on the negative

Think about how you can create more positive in your own life through your own self work

Rather than focusing on all the people that are doing wrong in the world Learn from all the people that are doing right

 Learn from those with amazing abundant lives

Lives similar to that you will really want to live

Most people will say the world is set up to make you fail

To keep you small I refuse to accept that as a truth

The world is set up whatever you believe it to be and whatever you work to make your reality

Don’t blame the system beat the system

Don’t blame anyone create your own reality

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