Are You Sold On Your Dream?

Are You Sold On Your Dream?

If u have read the biography of the Wright Brothers, you would have noticed something about them :

They were sold on the idea that humanity can fly.
They did not originally invent plane but they were sold that whatever is missing would be fixed because they are sold on human flying.

Are you sold on your dream?
If you are not still aggressive about attaining your dream, you need to sincerely ask yourself..:
Am I sold on it?
You can’t sell it if you are not sold on it.
Many of the problems people have with chasing their dream are that they are not sold on it but they expect people to buy it. That is a lie many live in.
Like the Wright Brothers, be sold on it. Let me borrowed one of their lines … “ We are afflicted with the Believe that humanity can fly “

Check how sold you are on your product or on your project or your dream?
It would make a lot of difference in how you live your life.

by Surv. Oloyede Ganiu A.

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